MLNI started as a dream and a hope for a better life for all Filipinos.

In 2014, the seed that champions local talents and products sprouted into a reality. Mga Likha ni Inay (MLNI) is a brand that is determined to ignite and realize the power of Filipinos through advocating the works of local weavers, crafters, seamstresses, embroiders, sculptors, food-based manufacturers, and other microentrepreneurs.  Translated as “creations of mothers'', MLNI supports CARD MRI client-artisans by creating opportunities to strengthen their local projects and advance them to the national and global stage.

MLNI’s concept is a dream realized. Prior to becoming a separate legal entity, it was first a marketing strategy of CARD-Business Development Service Foundation Inc. (CARD-BDSFI) that assisted the client-microentrepreneurs of CARD MRI in bringing and promoting their products into the mainstream market. MLNI became the 14th institution of CARD MRI which focuses on marketing the goods of local communities in August 2014.

Through MLNI, these clients can increase their marketing power and help their enterprises blossom, and eventually strengthen the economic base of their local community. Supporting the local entrepreneurs and their products has always been MLNI’s battle cry as it believes that their success will ripple to their own community creating beautiful stories of their works and crafts.

As MLNI consistently recognizes the changing needs of microentrepreneurs, it continually fills this space to provide a better service to the communities MLNI is working with.



Mga Likha ni Inay’s mission is to become a microfinance client’s channel in marketing, promoting, advertising, consolidating, manufacturing, and trading of Filipino products. MLNI, Inc. is committed to build a professional and sustainable marketing outlet that can respond to the needs of CARD microentrepreneur clients in promoting, developing, and expanding their business activities and in improving their quality of life.




MLNI has high confidence with the skills and products of Filipinos. Giving them the right opportunity – training, seminars, workshops, and exposures – their crafts and enterprise management can surely take the global market.

MLNI, together with the specialists from the business agencies, is giving its clients product development seminars they need to help them provide the best quality of their products, reach a wider market, and provide a solidity of demand for their products.


Its microentrepreneurs already have the skills to produce viable and quality products. One major concern of local producers is their limited access to the mainstream market because of lack of opportunities and resources.

To fill these gaps and address the needs of underprivileged microentrepreneurs, MLNI provides marketing, promoting, and advertising of their goods to a greater public.


MLNI has retail stores which showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of Filipinos from the different parts of the country. It sells handicrafts, specialty foods, home decors, apparels, bags, and accessories which are directly sourced from the communities MLNI is working with all over the country.

MLNI also supports agri-product producers, vendors, and peddlers by selling their goods using innovative platforms. With MLNI, it always supports goods from livelihoods.


Palengke on Wheels (Pow). We deliver the produce products of local farmers, fishermen, agri-product vendors, and other microentrepreneurs at your doorsteps. Consumers do not need to travel to public markets. With PoW, wet markets are made available in your mobile phones and only delivers fresh agri produce products and other food items on time.

Store2DOOR. We provide people extra time to complete their chores through Store2Door. We offer broad services from delivery of food and non-food items from the grocery and public markets to purchase of medical supplies in a pharmacy. We are a same-day delivery service that allows you to spend your time right and prioritizes your every day essentials.

Vendor2Door. This is best for our busy sellers in physical stores or online shops who need delivery service for their ordered products. We will be present immediately at your business location to pick up your parcel and deliver to your valued customers. We are partners with your business.



Our goal is to contribute to the vision of CARD MRI in ending poverty in the country. While other CARD MRI institutions provide equal access to financial products, healthcare services, education programs among others, Mga Likha ni Inay empowers the communities by providing the MSMEs and other artisans an access to product development services and marketing their products to a wider-range of consumers.